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Welcome to IRDS

As a matter of policy the firm puts its full effort to serve best interest of our valued clients and is kept for all times maintaining high standard performance at the lowest cost possible.

Quality assurance is our main policy and we give utmost importance to it. The firm is confident enough on professional ability. This organization gives due attention to its responsibility. The responsibility is shared by all the team members, management & resource personnel.... more

  Our Services

1. Rural & Urban Development & Infrastructure
2. Feasibility, Design and Surveys
3. Public Health, Population & Environmental Aspects
4. GIS – Mapping & Surveys
5. Project monitoring and evaluation
6. Conducting training & workshop/ Seminar
  Experiences of IRDS

Institutional Development and Strengthening Training for Water Users Association, Community Groundwater Irrigation Sector Project (CGISP),
May 2006 – July 2006...more
IRDS has more than 15 well-qualified permanent and part-time staffs. IRDS also has more than 100 Resource personnel having 10 to 30 years of working experience in the field of:
• Mechanical Engineering
• Water Supply and Sanitation
• Architecture Engineering
• Alternative Energy
• Statistics, Population, and Health
• Agriculture Development
• Forestry, Ecology, and Environment
• Sociology/Economy, Rural/Urban Development
• Electrical/Electronics and Telecommunication
• Geology/Hydrogeology and Geotechnical
• Civil/Road/Irrigation and Hydropower
Sister Concern ( For ICT & Renewable Energy Solutions)